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'SKIN TESTing' protocol - inc.postal skin test/s- freelance hair & beauty update: 8/4/21

Skin Testing clarification: 8 April 2021

Skin Testing Protocol per one of the following: -

  • Manufacturers’ Instructions (MI); requires a skin test for every colour service

  • Adoption of our Just Hair & Beauty Allergy Alert Consultation and Colour Record Card/ Guidelines*

  • Colourstart Passport system/ The Patch Test Kit; both are deemed acceptable forms of 'skin test'; compliance with each system is required. These are the only two recognised postal skin test solutions approved by our Insurer

*Refer RTW Bulletin below: includes links to Card and Guidelines (How to use Card); the Guide and Card must be used together

JHB.COVID-RTW March.V1 2021
Download PDF • 189KB

Our Allergy Alert Consultation and Colour Record Card overrides MI other than when requirement for a skin test (all clients will need to be tested to trigger the protocol) is required (consultation card must be completed subject to Q&A and recorded for every colour service). Skin test to be prepared and applied per the Colour House instructions; colour houses differ with application.

The Patch Test Kit can be used to trigger our Allergy Alert Consultation and Colour Record Card otherwise YOU will default to the Manufacturers Instructions for test and colour services.

Postal Skin Tests prepared by YOU are not acceptable unless YOU obtain written confirmation from the Colour House and that this is retained on your Client file.

Electronic versions of our Card are acceptable on the basis that the Q&A mirror exactly, strict compliance with the Card/ Guidelines thus questions must be asked, recorded and documented for each and every colour service.


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